Throughout November and December, Hook will be unveiling its new underwear collection. Colorful patterns, as well as classic and elegant designs. Our newest undies are comfier and even more stylish than before… 

Exciting New Designs

New Hook Underwear designs

The new collection features classy and plain boxer briefs. Whether black, grey, navy, green, red, or striped, these undies have style for all tastes. These must-have are a great addition to your wardrobe. Samuel Fleury, our designer, also designed unique, trendy, and elaborate summer, winter blue, dino, pineapple, and ocean patterns. There’s a design for everyone! 

Alterations Made to Our Boxer Brief Pattern

Did you know that your feedback matters to Hook? Thanks to your comments and suggestions on our undies, we designed comfier products for our third collection to give you greater support throughout the day. 

Space to Accommodate Your Best Tools

Larger boxer brief

Adjustments to the sizes of our boxer briefs were made to correspond to the measurements of other underwear companies. We added length to the waistband and produced a round-shaped pattern instead of an A-shaped one. This alteration, along with the removal of the back-cutting lines, gives more room for  your jewels and buttocks. Therefore, if you were tight in a pair of large boxer briefs, you will now be more than comfortable. 

The Sack Pack PouchTM has more volume to welcome and support your manhood. Some clients found the pouch too small, so we increased the width at the top, bottom, and sides. With this new version, the sack is higher up at the front of the underwear. As a result, it removes your nuts from the nutcracker (your legs) and creates a push-up look. It’s like putting your private parts in a basket of clouds. 

Rich Fabric for an Exquisite Sensation

Bamboo Fabric of Hook Underwear's boxer briefs

The bamboo fabric makes you wanna lie in an ocean of Hook underwear. Eco-friendly, exceptionally soft, breathable, and antibacterial, these boxer briefs are more resistant and have the same features as this incredible fiber. The more flexible waistband holds everything gently into place. 

With all these alterations, the third generation of Hook boxer briefs provides greater support and comfort than before. We hope you’ll love our new collection and patterns! Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your comments and your ideas. 

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