Our Partners for the Father’s Day Gift Box 

Hook Underwear invited talented chefs, entrepreneurs, and the 2019 USA sommelier to develop a unique product: the Papa Gourmet Pack that includes an exclusive recipe booklet, a limited edition Papa Gourmet apron, two boxer briefs, and a pair of socks. Discover our string of experts and their recipe. 

The Outdoorsy Man by the Barbecue Princess

Leslie Roark Scott started competitive barbecue cooking in 1989 alongside her father, the legendary pitmaster, Garry Roark. Today, Leslie is the owner and chef of Ubons Restaurant in Yazoo City. She and the Ubons BBQ Team cook in competitions and festivals all over the country. For our booklet, she is proposing a duck and wild boar bacon burger.

The Handyman by a Barbecue Connoisseur

Chef Joe is what you would call a barbecue enthusiast. Whether it’s for breakfast, dinner, supper or dessert, his catering service creates delicious meals on the grill. He’s offering you a Mac n’ Cheese burger cooked with Hickory wood chips! 

The Creative Burger by the Coolest Dad

Programmer, analyst and dad, Patrick is a simple guy and a food fanatic who loves mixing surprising flavors to create savoury dishes. In the kitchen, there’s nothing more important than having fun! Patrick is the lucky guy who won our contest for the best burger recipe. His Mexican burger mixes guacamole, Mexican sausage and traditional side dishes with a fancier take. 

The Nature Lover by a Famous Entrepreneur

Created by Frank Menard and Pierre-Olivier Drouin in 2015, Firebarns is the go to for hot sauces, barbecue sauces and seasonings. Prepared with their locally grown ingredients, their products enhance the flavor of your meals. You’ll find their sauce suggestions alongside the recipes in the booklet but Frank also cooked up something for our vegetarians! Simple yet delicious, the Portobello burger will blow your mind! 

The Barbecue Geek by the Grilling God

Sean Brasel is an executive chef and part owner of Meat Market. Food Republic gave him the title of “Grilling God” and he has also been crowned as Miami’s Hopchef at Brewery Omegang’s Throwdown. The legendary chef created a black truffle burger using high tech cooking instruments. Will you be the next barbecue God?  

The Fisherman by a French Canadian Celebrity

Consultant and chef, Ian has more than 30 years’ experience. He and his team now share their knowledge, techniques and expertise through counselling sessions, training and more. He prepared the perfect semi-cooked salmon burger served with a tofu emulsion. 

The Sophisticated Dad by an Epicurean Entrepreneur

First in communications and event planning, Guillaume is now the co-owner of Boucan. Meat market, catering service and producer of its own seasoning products, this flourishing business is more than just a smoke show. His recipe: a blood sausage burger with gravy sauce! 

The Old-Fashioned Man by a Legend of the Grill

Known as the Godfather of the Grill, his charm and fearless culinary spirit have led Ted Reader to become an award-winning chef, author, food and product innovation entertainer and a professor of Modern Culinary Applications Innovations at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College. His smash cheeseburger recipe uses homemade spiced maple mustard and cooking techniques that will enhance the flavors of your burger! 

Well, now I don’t know about you, but I am craving burgers! With the Papa Gourmet Pack, your dad will not only be the most comfortable one in the world, he’ll also become the greatest dad chef of all! 

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