I know what some of you might be thinking… What is so revolutionary about that pouch underwear? Boxers are boxers! What can actually change? I know, I was thinking the exact same thing before I joined the ranks of this inspiring company. I say inspiring because the two founders are right here, next to us, passing each and every minute of their day to make sure that these products are available for you to enjoy; that they are constantly improved and refined; and, most importantly, that they remain true to their unique goal which is to bring the best pouch underwear on the market. Ever!

And folks, let me tell you, they are right! It is!

I have tried other brands and I admit that I liked the products, but not as religiously as I like Hook and its pouch. It’s not only a pouch, it’s a comfort zone… no… it’s a comfort home.

It’s great for active people, yes… but also great for me, a guy that sits at a desk all day coding, and at night and over the weekend serving you, our customers, over chats and emails… So you see, the pouch underwear is not only for the most active! It is for us, techies, desk workers, designers… Because while we have our eyes glued on the monitors all day long, our package stays in the pouch, comfy, right where it belongs.

On another note, when I have free time, I’m a fisherman. I fly fish, knees deep in the river, forgetting everything and focussing on the task at hand: catching that picky brown trout. Well, at that moment, I do NOT want to have to worry about repositioning my package through my chest waders… Seriously! I need support! This is why the Hook Feel Navy Anchor is my utmost favorite… Yeah, I know, I’m kinda superstitious like that…

So, I just wanted to remind you that behind all of the ads and promos and web presence, there are people… real people… wearing the products, ready to share their stories with you, ready to hand out their experience and knowledge of the pouch underwear to help you join us in this freedom world… Follow me and change the way to live inside your pants! Be fully supported with the pouch underwear! Be like me… 

Be Hooked!


Sylvain D.

Customer Satisfaction Specialist

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