Fabric and style should be your first and second considerations when stocking up on boxer briefs, but also worth taking into account is the pouch.

Men’s underwear, thankfully, has long since moved away from just briefs or boxers. Boxer briefs and their shorter “trunks” variants rule your drawer now, which should mean flattering underwear that retain their shape throughout the day.

Give the pouch a shot

The purpose of the pouch is keep the fit on your thighs trim while giving you room to breathe where it counts, and offering a little extra support at the same time. Not only do boxer briefs with pouches vary in implementation from brand-to-brand, but the stretchiness of the fabric, your anatomy, and how high or low you like to wear your underwear are big factors as well.

We would recommend that everyone give the pouch a shot, and these are our favorite boxer briefs with pouch below.

Quality pouch underwear for men

Hook Underwear has key features that make them stand out. First is our trademarked Sack Pack feature that uses lateral panels to protect your junk and prevent chafing. Next is our flat seams so that the inside of the underwear is completely flat against your skin.

And as an added bonus, all our boxer briefs are made from bamboo fiber to allow moisture to dissipate away from the skin, so you feel cool and comfortable at all times.  

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